Background -

Generally, companies park their surplus funds or the funds that are certainly not required urgently with the Banks by opening a Term Deposit Account. These term deposits may be opened for a shorter or longer durations depending upon the funds requirements.

Below is the format of request letter to be given to the Banks for opening a Term Deposit Account.

Request Letter to Bank for Opening Term Deposit



The Bank Manager

________________ (name and address of the Bank)

Subject: Application for Opening of New Term Deposit of Rs. ________________ (amount)

Respected Sir,

We ________________________ (name of the company) hold a Current Account bearing number _____________________ (current account number) at your Branch and wish to open a Term Deposit. The details of the said Term Deposit are provided below:

We hereby request you to open a Term Deposit as per the above instructions and issue us a certificate of Term Deposit.

Kindly do the needful and oblige.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

For ________________________ (Name of the company)

Authorised Signatory                Authorised Signatory